beginning the great work......



Comments from students on how their life changed since the Initiation into the Great White Brother and Sisterhood of Light:

R. Ouellette/Lightworker, Maine

I never new, or perhaps better words would be, “I had no idea” how much my body/soul/spirit would align itself when I began studying with Laurie. I began with the Teacher’s Program in 2006 and have since completed Gifts of the Spirit Intensive and the Advanced Channeling class. Each time I sit in Laurie’s presence, I feel the energetic aliveness that she brings with her and is willing to pass on to the rest of us. My entire being is happy and growing happier as I follow this empowering path of self discovery and a broader understanding of the Universal Forces. Laurie is an in-depth knowledgeable teacher who is full of passion and love. She has touched my soul and helped me to find the path where I belong for this earth walk. I am forever grateful. Love & Joy,

Yvonna Mann/Designer-Artist, New York:

"Everything I have done in my life has guided me on my spiritual path, which has been further awakened through the teachings of the mystery school."

R. Fletcher, Software Engineer, Oregon:

"I have spent thirty years meditating, but since my Initiation, I have experienced more than the 30 years combined!"

Richard & Pamela/ California

"During my time at the 7th Ray Mystery School Located in Utah I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would. The Teachers and Guides I have encountered there are impeccable in their field of research and study. They work extraordinarily hard at providing and teaching the sacred doctrines of the ages that provide the New Teachers to open their abilities to provide a Spiritual Service to All! Humanity. Me and my wife have both attended and will continue to attend this magnificent place of spiritual studies, I talk highly of this because it has helped us open ourselves to grow in our marriage and as individuals and teach and open our own spiritual gifts to The Great Work! Thank You For Your Time Dear Reader, And Many Blessings.”

K. Zobell/ Oregon

Initiation It is said, "truth will set you free." I have to admit I was pretty clueless about what I signed up for! "Oh, this is fun and interesting," I laughed with each little class and exercise I signed up for. OOOPS! I just signed up for God's Army and now look what happened! I am honored and humbled to be part of this Great Work. I thank my guides and guardians for "helping me along." I especially thank my teachers in the physical and the great Lady Laurie for all I have been taught and exposed to. For me her leadership and philosophy resonated deep within in my spirit. I would recommend initiation with this Spiritual Mystery School and it's teachings to anyone who feels the call to serve in Light and Love. It has been a profound journey for me. I would not hesitate to say I am peaceful with my choices to be initiated and to be in service to all in need. P.S. Depending on your personality, you may want to ask a few more questions than I did, at the beginning! Or not!

C.B/Guide, Kabbalah Teacher/ Utah

As a Guide, knowing how to hold the energy, prepare the space and open the veil to connect my initiates to the highest light of God is critical. I now have these skills because of the training I received through Laurie Gudnason and her Mystery School. I have been given opportunities to practice and to incorporate this valuable knowledge into my Spiritual practice and to take the "Great Work" forward as a respected and capable Guide for my students.

Lynn Bartholomew, Consultant

"I gained a deep connection to GOD and to the human race, a greater ability to recognize truth in my life and a great love for mankind. I have attained a greater respect for myself and others and I have learned to be more loving and gentle in my dealings with others. I have been doing outer initiations for several years. When I was introduced to the inner initiation, all I can say, “It was PROFOUND.”

Haruko Philippe, Vancouver, Canada

"My connection with deep inside of myself which I was always thirsty for and missing has been enlightened. After the activation, my consciousness of God within started to be nourished and now I feel no confusion about what to do and where to go. This let me experience what is the real manifestation when we are aligned with the will of God. I still have issues that need to be solved, but I feel strong to get through and life is much easier and blessed than ever. " Haruko Philippe, Vancouver, Canada

N.S./ Guide, Kabbalah Teacher, Channel/ Utah,

"The Advanced Channeling Intensive of Ancient Ways, Modern Powers is easily one of the most influential and gratifying training experiences ever! Both challenging and validating, It draws together the many strands of my interests, natural abilities and curiosities. It has been a joy to expand my strengths as a psychic and healer, as well as stretching my limits and working on practical skills to round out unexplored gifts. The experiential workshops are perfectly balanced by intellectual traditions and inspired, custom-tailored teachings."

Carolyn Holtgrewe, Author, Michigan:

"The biggest advantages after the Initiation was to be taught directly by the Hierarchy of Light and bringing me to a place of higher and greater truth."

A.B.F, Guide/ New York

"I have searched for many years to learn the mysteries of the past with a true teacher. Laurie has proven to be the person I sought. Laurie has the hidden keys to many traditions that cannot be found in books, and teaches them in the light with clarity and integrity without the secrecy and negativity that many groups today have. If you were ever curious about studying Wicca, Shamanism, or The Western Mystery Tradition [Qabalah, Enochian, Hermetics, Ceremonial Magic] but were hesitant to do so because of the stigma attached to it or the current attitude and energy of today’s practitioners? I say do not let preconceived notions about these topics deter you. Try Laurie’s programs. They have changed my life for the better and I am grateful for studying with her. "

D. & B. Petty/ Arizona

"Ceremonial Initiation is a fantastic opportunity to feel the power that is out there to serve humankind and to aid us in bringing the Light to this world. When I participated in the Initiation Ceremony it was awesome to be in all of that energy that comes by doing the rituals and ceremony to prepare for the actual initiation. If you truly want to know that you have received the initiation on the inner as well as the outer, you must do it in this type of a ceremony. It was overwhelming and absolutely eye-opening. I have never had a greater feeling. ".


Here are my comments for the Adept course and the initiation, which took place in Seattle WA, in October, 2001. The initiation to adept course was a natural step up in my personal spiritual growth,

Laurie Gudnason, the teacher of the adept class, is a beautiful spirit. At the morning of the second day of the course you could feel and see the light, a lot of light, in the eyes of the students. I personally was very, very happy. Around 4:00 pm the initiation started in a special ritual. At the process I felt a special connection to everybody in the room and especially to Laurie. When the initiation was completed I hugged Laurie several times and lightly kissed the side of her face. That was a moment I will not forget.

What was changed after the adept class is strengthening the following spiritual aspects:

The feeling of intimacy with spiritual life.
You can climb the next hill to see life more objectively. And continue to the next hill.
Your state of mind became spiritual - you see the overall picture of an event and not only its abstract/simple/on-the-face-of-it meaning.
You are listening more and are aware more of your inner voice.
You act more by your intuition, no need to logically justify every action.
You feel the courage to speak yourself.
You are in a process of becoming a loving entity, you give love everywhere, and you get love back.
You seek to serve the work of light.
You can see and realize how the God acting around you; self-understanding why events occur, to you or others.
You have a desire to explore the presence of light in our life, want to study more and have a huge desire for spiritual growth.
You became more beautiful physically. m. You live your life in a different state of mind, a state of mind of spirituality, wholeness. We all are one!!!

You contribute your soul stamp to this life by breaking all the walls you put on your true self, and come out as a pure loving entity. It is not simple to put in words what spirituality is and what the initiation at the adept class contributes to my life, SETH, the spirit that speaks by Jane Roberts says the we cannot really word an experience, I found this is true to put it here, my words cannot express the joy the excitement the satisfaction the freshness the intimacy with God and guides and the courage and all what spirituality is about, YOU MUST BE THERE IN ORDER TO KNOW WHAT IT IS, IT IS A STATE OF MIND A STATE OF PRESENCE.

God Bless You All,


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