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Mystery School Origins


Local legends in many different parts of the world and in many different cultures state that the Mysteries were taught to mankind by angels or gods. What could be the common beginning of these legends from every culture?

Our tradition states that Humankind was not the first creation, there are other, older forms of the Adamic Seed. Those who have traveled the path of ONEness before us were willing to give humankind a helping hand. We consider them to be our Elder Brothers and Sisters.  These “Elder Brothers and Sisters” are called the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light—a Spiritual Hierarchy devoted to assisting Humankind in evolving.

The Masters guide the development of humanity by founding Mystery Schools. Originally the Mystery School was established in Atlantis.

According to the legend of how the Mystery Schools came to be, the High Priestesses of Atlantis were given a vision of a future cataclysm that would destroy their continent and civilization.   The Hierarchy of Atlantis developed a plan to preserve the Atlantean teachings and ways for future times.   They sent expeditions into the world to find 7 locations where energy from the Earth was abundant. Today we call these locations “power spots.” They are formed where the ley lines (rivers of electromagnetic energy) running through the Earth, cross a certain number of times. When the energy ley lines cross many times, an energetic Vortex is created.  Power spots provide sufficient energy for ceremony, healing, and Spiritual evolution.  Over time as this energy is utilized and intentionally directed it creates something we call the Magical Current.

In our tradition the physical Initiation in a location of power connects an Initiate to the magical current. In addition, physical Initiation creates connection to the (Spiritual) “Contacts” that flow behind the magical current.  These “contacts” are the non-physical beings of the Hierarchy of Light.  They are called angels, archangels, as well as the Pantheons of Gods and Goddesses from human mythologies. As a result of the current and contacts, the Initiate will receive clear guidance from the Hierarchy of Light.

The 7 Mystery Schools:

The Atlanteans sent out 7 expeditions over thousands of years, some say they occurred over 4,000 years time.  The first expedition traveled East and they stopped frequently to plant crops and establish places of worship.  They settled in Tibet, establishing a Mystery School at this place of great power at the top of the world.   The ways of Atlantean power are still practiced in the Tibetan Mystery School.

Later expeditions traveled to Africa establishing a Mystery School where the Atlantean Wisdom is still taught.   Later groups established Mystery Schools in Japan, Eastern Europe (Romania), England, and Australia. The older Mystery Schools were founded to share teachings of Power.  Later schools taught the Atlantean ways of Wisdom.
The last group left Atlantis and arrived in North America as the cataclysm occurred.  Refugees from the destruction of Atlantis also made their way to the North American coast.   They founded the North American Mystery School on the advanced Atlantean understanding of Love.  This mystery school also held the teachings of Balance.

After the collapse of Atlantis, the Seven Mystery Schools established a common ceremonial center in Egypt. They began to meet in an annual convention they called a "conclave" in an effort to preserve the Atlantean ways. Once a year the Atlantean Initiates gathered to celebrate and learn from each other. Conclaves preserved the teachings and traditions of the Atlantean Mysteries generation after generation.

This annual convention was traditionally held in early August. During the convention, the Atlanteans shared ceremony, initiated Priests and Priestesses, and shared teachings and philosophy.  As a result the Atlantean Mysteries and Traditions became Universal and are still present in modern day Mystery Schools.  Most Modern Mystery Schools hold an annual convention or conclave in honor of the Atlantean tradition. 

The Mystery Schools established by the Atlanteans still flourished today.  In each region, the tradition of the Atlanteans grew and took on the energy of the land.

Many teachers and healers base their work on “modern” systems they have channeled.  Their work is often remarkable, powerful, and offers healing to those in need.  The power of tradition is not present without Initiation and the link to the contacts and the energy sourced by the Earth.   By linking with the Tradition through Initiation we become the latest in a long line of pilgrims journeying on a well marked path home to the Divine realm.   At the end of the path is the shrine of the Mysteries of the Self…


Human Mystery Schools

Over time, a Mystery School leaders (called Stewards) evolve to the height of their potential. After a few years of peak performance, they begin to fade. At that time, a new generation of initiates trained through the Mystery tradition step forward to take over, and the Magical current and contacts are renewed with their strength and enthusiasm. Each generation of Initiates bring their own teachings and modalities to the world through the Mystery School they are leading, and in this way the Mysteries are renewed, they are a constantly evolving process.

To this point in time, we have been working through the Power, Wisdom, and Love of the Atlantean Teachings as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Humankind will be coming of age and evolving into the Light Body, becoming Adam Kadmon or Divine God Human. In the times ahead, Humankind will evolve ONEness as we move into the Golden Age.

Our Mystery School is being renewed by the energetic change brought about on December 28, 2006. This energetic change was created by the alignment of Pluto and Galactic Center, which is called Central Sun in metaphysical teachings. This alignment opened a "gate" allowing light and energy to flow through from the center of the Galaxy. With this energy, the Rays of the 12 great Archangels anchored into the Earth to recalibrate the ley lines, and completely change the energy of Earth and Humankind.

As the 12 Archangelic Rays were anchored in the Earth, the beginning of the Human Mystery Schools arrived. At this time, our school is sourced by the Ray of Metatron. This is the 7th Archangelic Office. We are sourced by the Magical Current established through the anchoring of Metatron’s Ray. We are on our “Contacts” with Archangel Metatron, and all the levels of the Hierarchy of Light flow behind the magical current established by the Ray of Metatron.

This is the time of the Human Mystery Schools, and we are beginning to source Mystery Schools and metaphysical teaching organizations and teachers who would support human evolution into the next stages of awareness— through Power, Wisdom, and Love.

In these times of light and change, as Mystery Schools and Metaphysical Teachers, we are responsible for preserving the ancient traditions of the Mystery Schools as well as creating a new beginning as the Human Mystery Schools develop. Human Mystery teachings have always been based on the Qabalah, which is the teachings of the Path of Return given to mankind by the Archangels. Beyond this we must develop our own traditions and paths of Power, Wisdom, and Love to support a leap in Spiritual development manifesting the Golden Age, which is our next step.

The role of the global network of Spiritual Mystery Schools and 7th Ray Mystery School is to bridge the traditional Mystery School ways and energy into the new Paradigm. The foundation of the Human Mysteries, Philosophy, and ways of Power, Wisdom, and Love is called Qabalah. As a Mystery School our focus is in preserving the traditions as well as opening the path for our Initiates to create a new way and the Golden Age through their own work and specialties.

We offer you a global network of schools teaching the mysteries through a curriculum based on Qabalah, Psychic Development, Shamanism, Ceremony and Ritual, Healing, and Personal Spiritual Evolution.

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