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Initiation Process

The initiation process is in three steps:

1. Initiation to Adepthood                    (The seeker learns)                    1ST DEGREE

2. Initiation to Service                          (The seeker teaches)                 2ND DEGREE

3. Initiation to Light                              (The seeker works with God)    3RD DEGREE

The fourth and final initiation is made after we leave this physical state of being, and continue our journey into eternity. This process is what brings us back to our original state of being, and makes us Gods again. We have all this knowledge within us, but we have been imprinted with a veil that makes us forget this. This is why we so often get an "Ah-Ha Experience" when we are doing spiritual work and seeking the knowledge that we already have. As teachers of the Spiritual Mystery Schools, we frequently say to our students: "We are not teachers, and you are not students, we are reminders, and you are remembering."

The 3 Degrees of Initiation

As a Mystery School we are an organization that is dedicated to teaching the Mysteries. We offer 3 degrees of Initiation and these represent the path of ascension up the Tree of Life and Knowledge. This is called the Middle Pillar. Our Process is one of balance between 3 points. One point is Knowledge and the application of Knowledge which evolves us to achieve Wisdom.

This is referred to as Hermetic Training in honor of Hermes Trismegistus. Knowledge and Wisdom are balanced by the second point which is Power. This is the power given by Psychic abilities and Shamanic and Ritual / Ceremonial Practices. The third point is LOVE! Love is achieved through service and doing the work. It is an expression of Worship and Respect for Divinity and all Life!

Each of these points has a Ray that holds the energy necessary for the manifestation and empowerment. The Ray of Knowledge is the Orange Ray. It is also called the Hermetic Ray. The Ray of Power is the Green Ray. The Ray of Love is Violet. Each step of your progression through the mystery school training will be balanced within these 3 points and the empowerment from your Initiation will flow from the Rays. The purpose of Initiation is varied between Magickal Traditions and Lodges. none

Mystery Schools initiate their “members” in order to create a connection to the magickal current or Ray that is the energy source of the Mystery School. Behind that current is an Archangelic office, and the Masters of Light associated with that current and ray. These beings are called the Hierarchy of Light. When we speak of the particular Archangel and Masters, they are referred to as the “Contacts” of the Mystery School. The Initiatory Process of our mystery school is designed to give each Initiate direct connection to the Magickal Current, the Archangel, the Masters of Light, and the full Hierarchy of Light. This results in 10 times the personal power, the highest level of protection, and many other beneficial changes. It also brings responsibilities to those who are initiated. Each Mystery School has a particular Ray and Magickal Current that flows to a place of power. In tradition, Initiation occurs in that place of power (or close to it). Our location is a true place of power in the Rocky Mountains. You will benefit from your time with us in this power spot! Those who are initiated within the tradition carry the magickal current with them for the rest of their lives.

Each Initiation after the first increases the quantity and quality of the magickal current flowing to our Initiates. Each Initiation increases the flow of energy at least 10 times from what it was.

At the 3rd Degree of Initiation (Guide) there is sufficient energy flow to allow the Guide to initiate others. To initiate is to pass on to others the connection to the magickal current and contacts that flow behind it. With that power, comes additional responsibility to serve, to teach, and to train others to use the power well and wisely!

For the Adept, the responsibility is to serve Humankind and offer the specific services of the Mystery School.

The responsibility of the Teacher is to continue the work they began as Adepts, and to teach and train others.

The responsibility of the Guide is to lead, initiate, and provide Ceremonies of Life for the community.

Spiritual Mystery Schools are Fully Contacted Mystery Schools founded upon 12 Archangelic Rays.

Our dedication is to the Great Work. We define this as the alchemical process of uniting the Body, Soul, and Spirit while experiencing the physical life. We offer specific technology to assist all mankind with completing the Great Work. We call this technology the Adam Kadmon DNA Activation. 

May the light be with you.

May your lives be filled with joy and abundance in all areas of life.

May the light shine in your hearts so that love may be expressed.

May you have love and peace in your lives.


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