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The Adept Program

The Adept Program is a unique way of becoming more involved with the Light Work conducted by the Hierarchy of Light. The Initiation that most or perhaps all Light Workers already have is one of Self Initiation. As we say to the universe that we want to serve we are initiated. The Adept initiation is a physical initiation. Even Jesus Christ had to be physically initiated as he emerged into the waters of baptism with John the Baptist. Even the Master of Light had to do this, so do we! The Adept Initiation will bring us to higher light and knowledge, so that we will have ten times more power to do the work. It will also bring us to full physical and spiritual abundance. After the initiation we are under the guidance of the Hierarchy of Light.
The word Adept literally means to master oneself.   The process of becoming an Adept is called “the great work” and for most seekers it takes a lifetime of study to begin to understand what that means.  Normally, the mysteries of Adepthood are revealed over time through the curriculum and graded teachings of the Mystery traditions.   These teachings lead each Initiate to complete the great work (which is defined as the union of the body, soul, and spirit) during the physical lifetime. 
The Adept Theory Webinar is a pre-initiation program, designed to offer you a basic introduction to the Mystery teachings.  Adept programs are designed to provide you with a great beginning in your metaphysical education and provide you with the tools that will support you in the process of Mastering yourself   The Adept Theory Webinar offers information on cosmology, Kabbalah, and consciousness.  This pre-initiation program introduces you to the concepts of Initiation so that you may determine if the Initiatory path is YOUR path.  This program  prepares you for service as a lightworker serving humankind in partnership with the Hierarchy of Light.  
After the Adept Theory Webinar the next step is to be Initiated in sacred ceremony.  Once initiated, you are qualified to attend the (Neo) Adept Intensive where you will learn to perform 24 Strand DNA Activation®, Basic Energetic Balancing, Starseed Healing Modality, Unified Chakra Alignment, and Cap Removal.  You will also learn the Rituals of the Adept, Toning, and much more!     As an Adept you will be qualified to continue your education as a healer, teacher, and metaphysician through the Teacher’s Core Programs in preparation for Power Week I!   A new career in your own light center as a healer, teacher, professional reader, and leader of light may be yours in less than a year! 

The Motto is “To Know”
The Path of the Soul (As the Outer—So the Inner)


  • Pre-Initiation Training: (Metaphysical Basics or Adept Program
  • Outer Initiation Ceremony
  • Inner Initiation Begins: (Neo Adept Power Week, Qabalah training, Study, and Ritual/Ceremonial Work)
  • Training in Mystery School Tools and Techniques Seminars to Develop in 5 areas of Mastery
  • Metatronic Ray & the Great Work: (Adam Kadmon—DNA Activation)
  • Esoteric Knowledge: (Qabalah, Study Programs, Hermeticism)
  • Healing & Personal Evolution: (Light Laser Healing Modality, Galactic Ray Healing, Reiki, Hypnosis, NLP, Massage, Etc.)
  • Psychic Development – Shamanic Development: (Gifts Basic & Intensive, Study Programs, Shamanism)
  • Ritual & Ceremonial I Mastery: (Ceremonial Master I, Foundations of Magic, Shiva Lingam, Daily Ritual Practice and Beginning to Master Ceremony for others. Understand Ritual & Ceremonial Practices)
  • Provide Services, Healings, and DO the WORK of the Adept

 Adept Initiations are offered in many locations, several times each year. Tools and Techniques seminars as well as Qabalah and Ceremonial Master Programs are offered by a variety of Guides in many locations.
An Adept is a leader and the workforce of the mystery school. They provide the public face of the Mystery School through the work they do.



The Neo Adept Program with Laurie Gudnason is an economical and convenient approach to the Adept Curriculum!  Attend all Neo Adept Core Programs via Webinar, learning at your own pace when it is convenient for you.  Attend online or attend later via download.  These webinar programs are THEORY ONLY – you must attend the Neo Adept Intensive at Headquarters to master the Skills of the Adept, learn DNA Activation, Adept Rituals, and Energy Basics.  

      Adept Online Core Curriculum Registration Links are at or



The Adept Online Program Package Includes:
1. The Adept Theory Webinar
2. Meditation Basics Webinar
3. Sacred Altar Webinar
4. Adept II – Theories of Light Webinar
5. Divine Geometries Webinar
6. Astral Travel Webinar
7. Gifts of the Spirit Basic
8. The Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Theory of Exorcism and Psychic Self Defense Webinar
9. Etheric Healing Theory Webinar

Over $900 in Value!!! The Following Supplemental Programs Included in the Package Deal

10. The Process of Spiritual Evolution
11. The History of Mystery Schools
12. What is the Difference Between Mystery Schools and Metaphysical or New Age Organizations?
13. What is Lightbody and the Alchemy of Consciousness
14. 12 Races of Earth
15. Introduction to Ceremonial Healing
16. Introduction to Ancient Ways Modern Powers Apprenticeship (Channeling School, Year of Study and Celtic Shamanic High Priestess) FREE

If you are preparing to attend Teacher's Program this Special Adept Online Core Program Package for you! This program offers you discounts over $200 and FREE bonus programs adding tremendous value to the package!

 The Online Adept Theory Webinar Will Qualify You to Attend Neo- Adept Intensive with Laurie
The Adept Intensive Program is 3.5 Days (Friday night to Sunday night) – Includes Initiation Ceremony, DNA Activation Training, Energy Basics Skills, Starseed Healing Modality, Unified Chakra Activation, and the Rituals of the Adept!
The Adept Online Core and Adept Intensive programs fulfills all Pre-requisites to attend Teachers Power Week I

Attend The "Traditional" Adept Program with a Qualified Mystery School Guide.  LINK

Pre-requisites to Attend Power Week I (Teachers Program)

  • Adept Program—Public
  • Divine Geometries—Public
  • Astral Travel—Public
  • Energy Basics (Adept II) — OR Etheric Healing Basic (Public)
  • 24 Strand Etheric DNA Activation Basic Training —Adept Only
  • Gifts of the Spirit Basic—Public—Adept Highly Recommended

Optional Programs For Adepts and Those Who Seek Knowledge:

Anchoring the Presence of the Higher Self Session with Laurie Gudnason – Public
Galactic Ray Healing Modality Seminar or Webinar—Public
Qabalah Introduction Seminar or Webinar—Public
Spiritual & Energetic Hygiene I: (Exorcism, Protection, Cord Cutting) Seminar or Webinar—Adepts
Elemental Alchemy Seminar or Webinar—Public
Laying on Stones Seminar or Webinar —Public
Shiva Lingam Activation—Public
Sacred Altar Webinar —Public
Gifts of the Spirit Intensive —(Pre-requisite Program is Gifts Basic) —Public
Celtic Shaman (Wicca) Initiation—Public
Miracle of Prosperity Webinar Group Session with Laurie Gudnason—Public
Meditation Basics Webinar—Public
Adam Kadmon Seminar or Adam Kadmon Theory Webinar —Public
Any other individual Guide Work

Each Adept serves as the physical part of the Hierarchy of Light. This is also called the Great White Brother and Sisterhood of Light. This is the work force of the Hierarchy. After Initiation Adepts serve in one of the twelve counsels, in "contact" with the Masters of Light and the Archangels.  The Adept and Neo-Adept Programs are  a preparation for Initiation and offers the Adept basic knowledge and energies to use in the work. The Adept is exactly that, an Adept, which means that individual has excelled in an area in the Light Work or is Adept enough in holding energies to do the work. Anyone may attend the Adept Program. If you desire Initiation after attending, you need to make arrangements with the Guide who presented the program. That request will be brought forward to the Hierarchy of Light in a special meditation the Guide performs on your behalf. If you are ready, you may attend the ceremony and receive Initiation.

The Adept Program is  normally set up as a 2 Day class, sometimes it is offered over a period of time, or in a study program. The program is taught by a Guide member of the Hierarchy and one that has had the appropriate physical initiations. These Guides are trained under the highest standards by Spiritual Mystery Schools. We have been offering Adept Initiation since 1996.


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