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The Hierarchy Of Light


(the Supreme Being, Great Spirit, etc)
The Elohim
The God Assigned to this World
The Magi - Council of 3
The Magi - 1st Quorum of Archangels
The Magi - 2nd Quorum of Archangels
The Magi - the Trilliad of Angels
The Magi - Masters of the Light
The Magi - Beings of the Non-Physical Brother/Sisterhood of Light
The Initiates of the Brother/Sisterhood of Light

This is the structure of the Hierarchy of Light. Spiritual Mystery Schools Initiates are members of the Universal Great White Brother and Sisterhood of Light we usually call the "Brotherhood of Light".

"Who are these Beings and how did they come to be the Hierarcy of Light," is a question we are frequently asked. Local legends in many different cultures and in many different parts of the world state that the Mysteries were taught to mankind by "angels or gods". Where ever there is a Universal Myth, there is also a Universal truth these legends come from.

The teachings say that Mankind was not the first to make the journey into individuality and then return to ONENESS. Those who have traveled the path of ONEness before us are willing to give humankind a helping hand. They are our Elder Brothers and Sisters.

These “Elder Brothers and Sisters” are called the Magi by the Mystery Traditions. Modern terminology defines them individually according to the service they offer humankind. Today we call the Magi Archangels, Angels, Masters, or Avatars, and as a group they are referred to as the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light—a Spiritual Hierarchy devoted to assisting Humankind in evolving.

According to the story in the library of the "Orders", the Logos (the Oversoul of our Solar System or "World") recruited the Magi, our Elder Brothers and Sisters to guide the development of humanity by founding Mystery Schools. Originally they assisted in establishing Mystery Schools in Atlantis.

The Magi or the Hierarchy of Light had long ago evolved beyond individuality, and beyond the need for a physical body to express through. However, they recognized that teaching humankind would have to be within the physical world. These advanced beings could form bodies without birth. To do this, they lowered their vibration by degrees until an apparently physical body could be formed around their electro-etheric matrix. They could hold this form until the instructions they were to offer had been completed, and then they would let their vibration return to its normal rate, moving back into the non-physical presences that is their true state. This is what is behind the miraculous appearances and disappearances of the Avatars, Angels, Extra Terrestrials, or Gods that have become human myth.

The Masters gathered the most promising of the beings who populated Atlantis. At that time, their language was not rich enough to communicate the intricacies of the Teachings. The Masters passed through teachings and images by a telepathic process.

Gradually, when their Initiates were advanced enough to be independant, the Masters returned to the higher plane. The Magi would summon their students for instruction by having them travel in the Light or astral project. In time, these students, became Adepts. An Adept "is an individual identified as having attained a specific level of knowledge, skill, or aptitude in doctrines relevant to a particular author or organization." As a result of their Adepthood, the Initiates began to found the various Mystery Schools,and moved forward with the task of initiating and instructing others. This is how the Mystery Schools began.

Spiritual Mystery Schools Initiates work directly with these "contacts," the Magi or the Masters of Light at all times.

We rely on the magical current of the Archangelic Ray and the entire Hierarchy as our support system. We travel in the light once a week, very early on Saturday morning, to the meeting hall of the Magi, where we have direct contact and personally receive teachings from the Hierarchy of Light.

We mediate the "Truth" about the Universe and Heaven by bringing through the teachings gained in the weekly meetings through seminars, workshops, and Initiations which all have the purpose of:

Allowing you to directly experience the Hierarchy for yourself. As a result you will have unlimited access to the Magi for personal, direct answers to your questions. This contact will allow you to discern your own truth.

Spiritual Mystery Schools leaders believe that the Age of Aquarius calls each individual to take personal responsibility to be a Master in their own right. No Spiritual Teacher or other person can take on the role of Master or Magi for another. It is up to each of us to create contact with the Hierarchy of Light and our own Higher Self. Initiation makes this process of direct contact natural and easily accomplished.

Spiritual Mystery Schools offer you the Initiation, skills, and training; in Power and Wisdom, through the balance of ,that result in the presence of the Magi in your life.




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